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Twilight Stills

The Frequently Dazzled Comm

The Frequently Dazzled Twilight Stills Community
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"for all your twilight icontest needs"
ABOUT US. Welcome to twilight_stills, the stillness community based off of the popular book, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

This community is moderated by horselovergurl, marcal_92 and envyious. If you have any questions or comments, please contact any of us, or refer to the Feedback post.

PROFILE HEADER by: elfandali winner of our User Info challenge.
LAYOUT CODES by: minty_peach with
LAYOUT HEADER customized by: envyious
Every week, one of us will post up a challenge. This community is usually a "Pick your own Pics", so unless stated otherwise, you can pick any actors/actresses that you want. Since there are so many things about Twilight, each week will be a random topic, like 'Apples', or 'Volvos'

+You may submit up to THREE icons every challenge.
+Don't use someone else's icon and credit it as yours. You will be immediately disqualified, and possibly banned from the community.
+Your icon must fit LJ’s standards. 100x100, 40kB max and be .jpg .png or .gif format.
+NO animation, this is a stillness community.
+Post both img and url versions of your icon using a reliable server, www.photobucket.com or imageshack works well.

and lastly:

+Respect your fellow members and mods
+Do NOT steal anyone else's work
+Make NEW icons specifically for each challenge. No recycling please =]

Schedule-- (we will try to follow this as much as possible, but we're only human (Darn) so sorry for any lateness/inconvenience
Thursday:new challenge is posted
Thursday-Tuesday: entries may be submitted
Tuesday: Voting goes up
Tuesday-Thursday: Voting
Thursday: Winners

No copy infringement intended. No one here owns Twilight except for Stephenie Meyer.
· rj_stillness

If you would like to affiliate with us, just comment on the most recent post. Thanks =3
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